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We noticed a lot of similar questions in our inbox, so we've put the the answers here to save you some time!

What kind of service does the factory provide?

We are a full-package apparel manufacturer. We can assist with development for our production customers and we have great connections for sourcing high quality sustainable materials. We are a cut and sew factory. While this covers the majority of apparel, this means we do not have the proper machines for socks or things like ball-caps. 


Our minimum order quantity for custom work is 300 units per style, assuming we can source the fabrics and trims you want in such small quantities (but we have lots of great resources). It is possible to mix sizes, and 2 colors at this order quantity. For the best pricing, you're looking at 1,500 per style to go into our regular production lines.  We're much more efficient at those quantities, so the cost savings is passed onto you.  For brands who aren't ready for custom production, we offer our Green Label Collection which is only a 50 piece MOQ per style. 

Lead times?

Our lead times run 6-8 weeks after pre-production samples are approved.

What is the Green Label Collection?

We're glad you asked! Our Green Label Collection is a selection of in stock sustainable blanks that are ready for custom branding and decorative prints. The minimum order quantity for these garments is 50 units, mixed sizes and colors. We offer tees, tanks, hoodies, sun shirts, joggers and a few other items for men, women and kids. Perfect for blank tees and start up brands who aren't quite ready yet for custom production!

Do you have a catalogue?

Because so much of what we do is custom work, we do not have a catalogue other than our blanks collection. We love working with recycled materials and rPET, but we can take just about any fabric we can source.

What is "ethical development"

Ethical development keeps people and planet in balance with profit. Not only do we try to work with sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, but all of our employees are full time, and permanent. We pay a living wage and we have highly skilled sewers with less than 1% turnover. We do not subcontract to other factories. We only work Monday-Friday vs the normal 6 day workweek and most of our employees live in the community, meaning they can walk to work and pick up their kids from school to go home for lunch.

What certifications does Direct To Source have?

  • Hey Social Good gold in all three categories (Sustainability, Social Good, Give Back).

  • BCP (Better Cotton Initiative) which works with farmers to grow cotton in ways that are better for the environment and treats the people doing the early picking and processing of the cotton fairly).

  • Unifi/Repreve partners (Repreve is a certified brand of recycled polyester made from plastic bottles).

  • The mills we work with use certified sustainable fibers, including Repreve, Benma, EcoSure, Organic, GOTS, Sorona, Tencel, GRS and more.

  • The dye houses we work with hold  Natific, Oeko-Tex, BlueSign certificates and more.

  • Amazon certified for both social compliance and quality certifications.

More questions?

Fill out our contact form or shoot us an email at 

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