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Mid-Sized Brands

Mid-Sized Brand Challenges
DTS Solutions

Brand Challenge:

Flexible manufacturing as you grow and introduce new styles/categories - not spreading yourself too thin by having to use too many different factories.


DTS Solution:

We have flexible modular production that allows you to test new styles in smaller quantities. Because of our extensive cross training and less than 1% turnover, we are not a factory that only makes one kind of product - we can sew virtually all of the cut and sew apparel your brand will need - IN HOUSE.

Brand Challenge:

Poor communication with the factory.


DTS Solution:

With offices in the US, it's easy to call, text or video chat in a similar time zone. And with the factory an easy 2 1/2 hour flight from Miami or 3 hours from Dallas and our open door policy, it's easy to visit any time.

Brand Challenge:

Finding a truly ethical partner - one who does the right thing every day, not just one the annual certification day.


DTS Solution:

It's not about the certification (even though we have them) - it's about doing the right thing every day, because it's the right thing to do.  Because our bottom line is measured by more than just profit.

Brand Challenge:

Flexible delivery schedule.

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DTS Solution:

With regular shipments coming into the US and a few days transit by air or a week by boat, it's easy to have a flexible delivery schedule for your production orders. You don't have to think in seasonal large shipments any more.

Brand Challenge:

Access to duty free programs


DTS Solution:

If your fabric orders are large, it's easy to access CAFTA duty free programs, but what about when you want to test a newer fabric?  With our in stock program, you have greater access to CAFTA fabrics without having to take huge quantities all in one shipment.

Brand Challenge:

Finding a real factory partner that cares about your bottom line and your product.


DTS Solution:

After spending 15 years on the brand size (before moving to the factory side 18 years ago), we get it.  We're interested in mutual success here.

Brand Challenge:

Finding an innovative sourcing partner.


DTS Solution:

We have lots of great sourcing connections and can have custom fabrics and trims created for you too. With our background in design, we're unique in understanding what you want. And because transparency matters, you'll always know where your fabrics and trims are coming from.

Brand Challenge:

Lack of control over subcontracting.

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DTS Solution:

It's a big part of the reason we created DTS in the first place. The only way we could figure out how to stop the subcontracting problem was to build our own factory and hire our own employees. We never subcontract out sewing.

Brand Challenge:

In stock programs - wouldn't it be great to have a partner who could help you respond quickly to customer demands?


DTS Solution:

Stocking key fabrics and trims allows us to build a robust just-in-time program. It's a win-win. You can keep a smaller warehouse space. We sew more consistently (it's a more ethical, humane approach to production - we don't have the seasonal hire/fire scenario), you receive more of what you need now (more blue? short sleeve instead of long sleeve?) so you have less dead stock and fewer missed sales due to out of stock/long lead time issues.

Brand Challenge:

Consistent quality.

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DTS Solution:

Quality fade is a real issue. Because quality is one of the hallmarks of sustainability, we do not cut corners on quality. And of course, you or your selected third party QC company is always welcome in our factory.

Emerging Brands

Emerging Brand Challenges
DTS Solutions

Brand Challenges - DTS Solutions
Startup Brands

Are you just starting out?

     We made this podcast for you! Starting out in apparel manufacturing can be daunting. Join us in episode 9 of Greenbook Conversations where we detail every step of the production process, from design to shipping your finished product. Stay tuned as we will be publishing educational materials in the near future specifically for you!

Once you're ready for production of at least 300 units per style, give us a shout.  We have a mini production module just for that's right sized for your needs.


00:00 - DTS Story

5:52 - Brokers & Overseas Production

*11:39 - Design

*13:45 - Development: Tech Packs & Patterns

*17:00 - Samples

*22:58 - Sourcing & Certifications

*32:10 - Pre-production vs. Production

37:49 - Factory Efficiency

*39:09 - Quality Control

44:48 - 3rd Party QC

*46:17 - Shipping and US Customs

**Audio production by Exalio**

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