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a premium "one-stop-shop" apparel facility

With intention, love, 30 years of experience, and a lot of hard work, we provide a flexible modular production system designed to meet the needs of your ever changing business.




DTS factory tour

design with care & experience
we are the Q to your James Bond

Direct to Source provides you with a full package of personalized and professional design services from our Denver, CO office.

pattern making
we come with 30 years experience in the craft
Patten Making

Patternmaking is a craft that takes years to master, with our deep experience, we make your apparel the best fitting option out there!

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ethical product development 
because you deserve to feel it, touch it, rock it
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At every step of the way, we keep the treatment of people and planet at the highest ethical standards, while also ensuring that you receive the best quality garments at a fair price.


The apparel supply chain can be very opaque (not a good thing!) We've got great fabric and trims resources who are focused on sustainability and we can't wait for you to meet them :)

always ethical with people & planet in mind
kickass manufacturing
crafted by our kickass team of makers

As our business has continued to expand, we built a brand new facility in the mountains of Guatemala, designed around a flexible modular system that supports the ever changing needs of your business.

quality control
we don't miss a beat or a stitch
Quality Control

QC is built in from step one, and monitored at every step in the process, that means higher quality garments and less waste.

Order Shipment
order shipment
we speak in weeks, not seasons

A week by boat, a few hours by air, shipping from Guatemala is quick and we're happy to take care of it and land your product at your door, easy peasy.

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