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We built our company from the ground up to be sustainable. It was a direct response to the problems in the apparel industry that are so damaging to our planet and the vast number of people who work in the industry. We made every decision and continue to make those decisions through the lens of how we affect people and planet in addition to making profits. To us, those are all equally important. We're here to change our industry - to be disruptive, and in the process to change our world for the better. #jointhemovement and come visit, anytime. We literally have open doors and you can walk in, no appointment needed.

Our mission is to impact peoples lives by making apparel that people and planet can feel good about. We're industry disruptors, looking at sustainability holistically and putting the ethical treatment of the people doing the sewing on par with the importance of sustainable materials and high quality production. We look at everything through the lens of caring for our neighbors as ourselves and being good stewards of the planet.

DTS Values

Don't Follow, Lead:

It's not business as usual. We're here to create impact, to be industry disruptors, to move things toward the way they should be, not the way they are. We don't believe in status quo.

Holistic Sustainability: 

When you look at this subject holistically, sustainable fabrics and trims are only the start of the story. Clothing must be made high quality for a longer lifespan, and the people sewing the clothing must be able to afford to take care of their families or nothing else you do can make your clothing sustainable.


People talk about partnership, but you don' have a real partnership if you don't have a real relationship.  Come meet us, we're not halfway around the world, we're in your back yard.

Honor People:

 It's the Golden Rule, treat other people as you want to be treated. We believe in helping our neighbors and taking care of our employees and our customers as friends and family.

Integrity, Love & Care: 

It's about doing the right thing, everyday, not because someone's watching, but because it's the right thing to do. It's about giving our best, for our customers, for our fellow workers, for our world.


With over 30 years industry experience and more than 16 years in sustainability, we've learned a thing or two.  We will bring all our knowledge and experience to bear to help you make your clothing the best.

Responsible Stewardship:

It's our home and we're supposed to take care of it. We can make better choices. Choices that are better for people and planet. We can lower our carbon footprint. We can reduce, re-use, recycle. #jointhemovement


The apparel industry has an opacity problem. It doesn't operate in a way that makes it easy to know your supply chain. Transparency is the key to making things better.

Direct To Source

We've been focused on sustainability since day one. We look at the subject holistically, where sustainable and recycled fabrics and trims are only the start of the story.  Apparel must be high quality to be long lasting and if the people actually making the clothing can't take care of their families, then nothing else you do can make it sustainable. We live in a constant process of Kaizen, where we're always looking to improve, to reduce waste and to have a better impact on our planet and the people around us. Our biggest goal this year it to do a better job of telling our story, so that brands that share our mission and values can more easily find us. Our biggest goal over the next 5 years is to partner with additional charitable organizations to impact their missions. 

Our mission and values in action

Build with quality from step one of the design process.

Work only 5 days per week to give employees adequate time with family and to pursue their dreams!

Have a healthy and safe work environment, with no overtime required.

Do not hire and fire with seasonal work. Instead, provide full time permanent employment.

Work on this side of the planet, near our customers. To lower our carbon footprint.

Climate action starts from choosing the source of the materials we use.

Do not subcontract sewing to other factories.

Reduce waste in the production process, like recycling cutting scraps.

Do not hire any underage workers.

Provide free job training to our community.

Pay employees well for their skilled labor.

Flexible MOQs to reduce habitual overproduction and waste.

Robust QA process to produce high quality apparel and reduce second quality.

Hire local workers, do not bring in workers from overseas.

Give back to charitable organizations sharing our values.

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