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What is sustainable apparel? With industry expert and Direct To Source partner Holli Gibson, we are asking brands big and small for their take on sustainable, ethical production. Polybags, rPET, ocean plastics, and more. Lets have a conversation!

First two episodes aired on SoundCloud! See below. Looking to upload to more platforms very soon. 

Episode 1: Sourcing at Magic Tradeshow, Day 1

It's day one of the Sourcing at Magic tradeshow in Las Vegas, and everyone's setting up their booths. 

Meet Holli from Direct To Source, the CEO of Chickenlegs--fun running apparel--and new startups entering the apparel industry. 

Episode two is planned to release next week, Monday February 28th. Stay tuned! 

We are back with day two of the tradeshow! A lot later than expected, but we are still kicking!

This episodes subject; the search for bleach safe aprons for the salon industry, athletic wear, purpose built apparel, and hemp fiber processing. More on the way! 

Episode 2: Sourcing at Magic Tradeshow, Day 2 (Part 1)