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DTS Values in Action aligning with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

Meet the Team

Tulio Hernandez

Tulio's Current Job:  DTS Partner

Tulio's Dream Job: This is it!

After 27 years in the business running factories and serving as country manager for large apparel companies, Tulio has a passion for people and helping them reach their full potential. "The idea is to leave a mark that people can go back and see that we changed their life.  Everyone thinks we're crazy in what we're trying to do, but we're doing it.  We're impacting people's lives.  I want to do this as long as God lets us do it."


Ana Zavala

Ana's Current Job:  DTS Partner & Factory Manager

Ana has spent years working in the apparel industry and is so pleased to be able to have a positive impact on it. 

She is determined that Tulio's good work will continue. She's an amazing lady - an apparel industry veteran, a savvy businesswoman, a mom, and a friend.  Not to mention a great cook!

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 9.01.41 PM.png

Holli Gibson

Holli's Current Job:  DTS Partner & Chief Sustainability Officer,

Co-Founder & Vice-Chairman of the Board,

Denver Design Incubator

Holli's Dream Job:  Being a mermaid

Holli has been working in the Apparel industry for 30 years and has spent the past 14 years with a focus on sustainability.  She's worked on both sides of the business - the light and the dark.  She spent the first part of her career working mainly as a designer and design director and then crossed over to the dark side - production. She's passionate about the environment and loves making clothes that people and the planet can feel good about. "It's about looking at everything, and asking the question: What can we do better and how?"

Remembering Tulio

We lost our dear Tulio to Covid in 2022.  While we mourn his passing, his legacy will live on.  

He will forever inspire us to keep doing better every day to impact people and our world in a positive way.

A Tribute....

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